Your wedding day is the most important, beautiful day of your life; one in which you celebrate the love that you share for the person who means everything to you. The memories of your leaping heart and the smile on your partner’s face will stay with you forever, deep in your soul, but it’s also important to have tangible reminders of your special day. Traditional wedding albums are still popular, and they can be a great thing to show children and grandchildren, but here are three modern ways to capture your wedding day memories forever.


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High Quality Wedding Video

Wedding videos have been around for three decades now, but thankfully the quality of them has vastly improved in recent years. Gone are the shaky images, and the need to herd guests to one side so they don’t get in the way of the videographer’s cumbersome equipment. Professional wedding videos are now shot using the very latest technology that’s more portable and yet more powerful than ever before. Combined with advanced editing software, your finished high-quality wedding video will have all the production values you’d expect from a Hollywood movie, but with you as a star. When choosing a wedding videographer, take time to look at their work and their testimonials, as in this way you can be sure of a wedding video befitting of your big occasion.

Advanced Technology Photo Booths

Hiring a photo booth can transform your wedding reception into something extra special, as it not only creates a fun atmosphere for all present, it also means that you’ll have lots of photographs of the wedding guests, as well as the pictures of the happy couple. Modern photo booth rental is not only more affordable than you might think, it also provides a host of new options thanks to ever-advancing technology; this means that you can now have virtual reality photo booths at your wedding, and other options include the ability to turn your guests into animated GIFs. They’re an ideal icebreaker, and something your wedding guests will always remember.

Memory Books

The married couple themselves are center stage at a wedding, of course, and rightly so, with their close family also enjoying the limelight, but we should never underestimate the importance of the guests. These are often people who have supported the happy couple throughout their lives, so it’s good to have on record their thoughts of the wedding day too. A great way to do this is to have memory books; have one on each table at the reception, and ask wedding guests to write their thoughts on the married couple and on the wedding day itself. Encourage them to be creative as well, as poems or drawings can make memory books a very moving memento.

These three ways to capture your wedding memories range from the advanced, such as high-tech wedding videos and virtual reality photo booths, to the simple, in the form of memory books filled in by wedding guests. They are all very modern, however, and can all help to augment the beautiful memories of the best day of your life. Your love will never fade, so don’t allow your memories of the wedding day to fade either.

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