Budget Friendly Ideas for a Spectacular Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, but as in many cases this day might come with a hefty price tag. Weddings on average in the United States cost about twenty to thirty thousand dollars. This amount can put unnecessary pressure on some couples, which is why some couples decide on having a budget wedding. Budget weddings do not necessarily need to be less memorable or spectacular, and thus in this article we will explore some different ways of having a great wedding on a budget.

Deciding where to get married is an important factor in determining the budget needed for your wedding day. Getting married in the United States can sometimes be more expensive than having a destination wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular as they can be both cost effective and more fun than local weddings. Plus, couples can combine their wedding and honeymoon together with a destination wedding. Choosing to get married in a romantic country like Denmark will give you the opportunity to stay and honeymoon in some of the most scenic places. Denmark truly comes to life in the summer months, where travelers can expect wonderful weather couples with green and lush landscapes. Make sure to plan your wedding in the summer to take full advantage of all that Denmark has to offer.

Apart from combining the wedding and honeymoon, couples can utilize companies that offer a complete range of wedding services. Global Express Wedding is a great place to start for planning a wedding in Denmark. Make sure to check out their website to find plenty information on their services and the easy process of getting married in Denmark. Lastly, Denmark has progressive laws that make marriage for same-sex couples easy and fast.

Another major factor in the wedding budget is the wedding reception. If you are planning on having a large reception, then it will be important to get creative on saving money where possible. You may want to consider having your wedding ceremony in the morning in order to have your wedding reception during the day or in the afternoon. Many catering companies charge less for lunch options as opposed to dinner options. Plus, many people do not drink as much during the day than at night. This will save you money on both your food and alcohol expenses. Alcohol is one of the larger budget items for a wedding reception, which is why many couples decide on suppling only beer and wine for their reception. If you would like more liquor options, then try a bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) as a creative way of reducing costs. This can also be a fun way of having plenty to drink for the heavy drinkers at your reception.

No matter how you decide on getting married, the cost should not add extra stress on your relationship. Keep in mind that your wedding day is meant to be special and memorable, rather than out of your budget and a burden on your future life with your new spouse.

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