What to Look for in a Great Wedding Venue

Getting married is the most amazing, happiest time in two people’s lives, however the planning of that special day can sometimes be a nightmare. Between the dress, the ceremony, and the photographer, there’s just so much that goes into making that perfect moment. One of the biggest and most important decisions a couple has to make is their venue.

Not only does it play the backdrop to some of the most important photos of your life, it is also the thing most people will remember your wedding for. However, with so many different locations to choose from, how can you possibly find the best one? Here are some important tips for you to look out for when it comes to choosing the absolute best wedding venue for your special day today.

Unique and Memorable

One of the first things couples need to take into consideration when searching for venues is the look and feel of a space. For this special day, that’s meant to celebrate the two of you coming together, you need a space that represents that incredibly union. Find a location that offers the charm and beauty that you consider to be ideal. If you’re looking for a romantic setting, check for heritage listed properties with large fireplaces and ornate chandeliers. You want something classic that you’ll be able to look back on years from now and fall in love with over and over again while still remaining true to who you are in the moment.

Great Photo Opportunities

When looking for the perfect Sydney wedding venues, you have to look at the entire space and what they’ll offer you as far as availability for your photos. While certain romantic and luxurious spaces may have amazing gardens, some may be closed off or even charge you extra if you plan on taking your wedding photos there. Make sure to find a place that offers you an all-inclusive package that includes their buildings as well as the surrounding areas. That way, you and your photographer can really get inspired on the day and take as many beautiful pictures as possible.


While some spaces may offer only the location, others will have full on catering services available on site. On the actual wedding day, making sure everything is as streamlined as possible will be key to having a more relaxing preparation time, so having a venue where everything is taken care of for you will be key. Not only will this ensure that your food is served exactly as the caterer meant for it to be served, but that the entire service will be on point, as the staff will be completely familiar with the setting.

Take the time to find venues that offer menus that you like, and of course make sure to taste test way in advance. You want your guests leaving your wedding satisfied or even wanting more, so having a venue that offers outstanding catering services will play a huge role in the overall success of your special day.

Finding the perfect wedding venue can seem stressful. Make sure you do all the right planning and searching to really pin down the type of place you want. Keep these helpful tips in mind and start your venue searching today.

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