Get Married in One of Two Most Popular Locations in Bali

Have you ever considered getting married in Bali? We hope you say yes because we have seen gorgeous wedding pictures from the island and they are beyond stunning. Bali should be the only wedding location you aspire to if:

  • You love fairy-tale like experiences.
  • You want your wedding to be the single most spectacular event of your life.
  • You love the idea of experiencing such an intimate and important occasion as the day you get married in a place that is far removed from everything you know. The contrast excites you.
  • You plan to have lots of fun on your wedding day.

Now, if this is you above, Bali is reckoning. It is all of those things and more. The more critical detail you now have to focus on is: Where exactly in Bali are you going to hold your wedding? We’re a little obsessed with the island so excuse us if this is beginning to sound, well, like infatuation, but we’ve discovered the two most popular locations among brides.

Don’t ask who we had to talk to or how many places we compared because it was plenty of work. But it was also tremendous fun. Ready? Book any of these two ceremonies:

Bali Lake Wedding

Can you picture the image of a volcanic lake in all its untainted splendor? That’s what this ceremony gives you. The wedding ceremony takes place at Beratan Lake, up in the mountains. It’s the kind of location you choose for a dream wedding.

Lake weddings tend to be cozy, private engagements. If this is the kind of ceremony you’d like to have, the Bali Lake Wedding is a perfect fit. And because the honeymoon starts right after the ceremony, you can take your wedding party down to the symbolic Ulan Danu, an iconic temple situated not too far from the lake. It is nature and spirituality blending in an astounding way.

The success of your lake wedding ultimately is in the hands of your wedding planner. Choose a planner with a good understanding of international wedding expectations. We found The Seven Agency great at this. Their event planning activities are western-managed, so expect the same high quality of service you’d get back home.

An easily accessible office right at the heart of the Bali tourist center helps make moving around and coordinating things smooth. Also important is having a dedicated in-house team that can take care of everything touching on the wedding ceremony to eliminate hitches.

Escape Gili Wedding

The second most idyllic ceremony you can have for your wedding is the Escape Gili Wedding. It takes place at the three gold-streaked islands of Lambok, and is a little girl’s vision of a dream wedding.

Sunny streams of warm morning sun shine down, reflecting beautifully on the waters of the lake.Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Or choose tohold the ceremony just as the sun sets. The ambience is surreal. You can have the ceremony right at the shoreline with your friends and family looking on from the tropical beauty surrounding you.

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