Something Different for your Hen or Stag Weekend

If you have been looking for something different from the traditional night in the pub, shopping and clubs for an upcoming hen or stag weekend why not consider booking a visit to the Escape Key Newcastle?  With three fabulous escape rooms for you and your team to solve, no matter how many are in your party the Escape Key will do their very best to accommodate you.

You will have an hour to work out how to escape your chosen room by completing a series of puzzles including electronic puzzles and combination locks, there are varying levels of difficulty and each room has its own individual storyline and theme.  A combination of authentic decor, sound effects, music and lighting helps to create an incredibly realistic atmosphere to really raise the tension while you and your team put your problem-solving skills to the test.

On arrival you will be greeted by the Gamesmaster who will be tell you all about the game, explain the rules and show you a short film to introduce the story, you will also be able to ask the Gamesmaster for guidance and maybe the occasional hint as the game progresses, when you and your team have all the information you require the door closes and the time starts to tick away.

During the hour you will be locked in the room and the door will only open after sixty minutes or when the final part of the puzzle is solved, all doors automatically unlock in the case of an emergency.

Based in an ideal location next to a graveyard in Newcastle the Escape Key has the perfect setting for any spooky story and by making use of the local history around them they have created relevant and realistic story lines for the challenges they offer.

Whether you choose Plague, Witch or Armageddon you will be impressed with the high quality and true to life experience they are able to provide, as each room is truly unique you are sure to want to come back and try to complete them all.

Escape the crazed plague doctor and avoid the black death beside a real plague pit, escape the gallows right beside the graveyard where the bodies of women tried for witchcraft are buried or save humanity from a fatal asteroid inside a Cold War Bunker.  No matter what room you are in you can be certain that you will be really pleased you decided to go.

The Escape Key Newcastle has been rated as the best escape room experience by many previous customers, so if you are already a fan of escape rooms you definitely won’t be disappointed.  Booking in advance is essential, especially if you are with a large hen or stag group want to make use of all three rooms at once, your visit will take around eighty minutes so it’s a good idea to make sure you are there about twenty minutes early.

So if you want to arrange an activity for your hen and stag weekend that’s a little bit different and sure to impress make a booking with the Escape Key.  It’s an ideal way to spend an afternoon with your friends before its time to prepare for the big day.

News Reporter