Spring or Fall? Season to consider while choosing the wedding date

Getting married is really a big deal for people and why would not it be? People spend their whole adult life planning a perfect wedding. They think about getting married in a perfect season, wearing a perfect dress, in a perfect setting, and at the perfect venue of their dreams. When two people are engaged, they get a lot of people saying congratulations and asking about the wedding date. We understand that getting engaged and deciding immediately about the wedding date is kind of hard. Of course, both parties need to think over the wedding date carefully because choosing a wedding date involves a lot of factors. We recommend couples to take the time and decide on the wedding when they are ready. Don’t get under pressure because of people and make your own choice based on what you want. Here, we have listed some things to consider when choosing the wedding date. Let’s have a look:

  • Pick the Season: Some people wish their wedding to occur in fall while others wish their wedding in the spring season. Some people prefer summer beachy vibes romantic while some prefer winter bonfire’s warmth more romantic, so it is hard to choose for us. But definitely, it is their choice to choose the season of their liking. Before picking the wedding date, talk to your partner about the season in which you want to have your wedding. Spring or fall? Whatever one might choose, this should narrow down the possible dates for your wedding.
  • Plan Around Honeymoon:If you and your partner have a plan for a honeymoon in a specific season and at a specific location, then you must plan your wedding around that time.
  • Check Out the Venue’s Calendar: Picking a date can be a little bit difficult because once you have a spring wedding or fall wedding in your mind, you need to check out the venue’s calendar. A lot of venues can be booked in advance on specific dates because of their popularity, so, it would be a good idea to check them out in advance. Make sure to have a few options in your mind before you stick to any venue.So, if they are already booked, then you can start looking for a different venue, otherwise, book the one that seems appropriate for your wedding. Early booking also means that you have got to deposit some money in advance. So, make up your mind and book it right away.
  • Decide for Yourself: Wedding is supposed to be a big day for the couple, and they should be the one to decide the wedding date themselves. Although it would be good to consult your immediate family and friends for their opinion on the wedding date but don’t ask for too much from other people and pick your own wedding date. Once you have picked a date and everyone agrees, then save the date.
  • Consider Your Engagement Period: Another thing to keep in mind while choosing the wedding date is your engagement period. We know that too early after the engagement and too long engagements can both result in a broken relationship. There is just so much pressure which is why one should pick the date considering the advantages and disadvantages of an early and late wedding. For instance, if a couple chooses to get married after 2 months of their engagement, they may take decisions under the pressure and wedding won’t turn up the way they wanted. If they wait too long, maybe there is no wedding in the future for them. So, it is better to choose the right date which does not prolong the relationship.
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