Why Pear Shaped Diamond Rings Are Exceptional

Pear shaped accent of a ring is awesome to look at, and if the accent is made using diamond, then there is certainly no match. Women want to feel special, look different and want to steal the show on their engagement day. A pear diamond engagement ring is capable of doing it all for the woman of the hour.

If you are wondering what is so special about a pear diamond engagement ring, here are some facts that can blow your mind:

  • Ageless in style: The Pear shaped diamond is not a product of the present times developed from the mind of a whimsical jeweler. It actually hit the style scene in the fifteenth century and has been an undisputed ruler of the roost since then. The look and appeal of this unique shaped ring is timeless and stays relevant no matter which era it is worn in. Thus, it makes a perfect heirloom material.
  • Perfect for small fingers: The tip of the pear shaped diamond camouflages the flaws of the fingers beautifully. The pointing tip produces an effect that can make the finger look longer and slimmer. Thus, this ring is ideal adornment for the small fingers.
  • Bowtie effect: This is one of the unique phenomena that may compel you to go for high carat diamond. In one carat diamond, the sides are likely to look less colored; this is actually due to bowtie effect. So, when you buy pear shaped diamond ring that sparkles the best, go for higher carat and choose the one grade up in color too. Both these decisions can help you have a style maker in your jewellery box.

Unique, scintillating, mesmerizing – these are not merely the marketing copy words for a pear shaped diamond ring; it is actually the truth of the pear accent ring. So, when you think style, think of pear shaped diamond ring!

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